Third & Fourth Quarter 2016 Star Award

Congratulations to the Cumming City Star Award nominees and winners for third and fourth quarter 2016!

Third quarter recognized employees in the Street Department and Police Department. Nominees from the Street Department were: Hugh Boling, James Thomas, Billy Wood, and Logan Jennings. Nominees from the Police Department were: Benjamin Haack, Michael McGee, James Vincent, David Alan Kellogg, Angelson Jimenez, and Cynthia Pruitt. Winners for the third quarter award were James Thomas and James Vincent.

Fourth quarter recognized employees in the Recreation & Parks Department, Cumming Aquatic Center, and the Cumming Playhouse. Nominees from the Recreation & Parks Department were: Greg Little and Chelsea Holbrook; from the Aquatic Center were: Anne Gratz, Annseley Marks, Ethan Pope and Sissy Bowers; and from the Playhouse was Danny Faulkner. Fourth quarter winners were Greg Little and Anne Gratz.