Utilities Department Receives Honors

Cumming Utilities Department Honored

Received award for 17 years of excellence, resolution honoring all employees

Cumming City Council honored the Utilities Department with two recognitions during its meeting in April. The first was a resolution in recognition of Water Professionals Appreciation Day on May 4. The second was a Platinum Award for 17 years of excellence at the Cumming Wastewater Treatment Facility. Pictured here with Mayor H. Ford Gravitt and City Council are Jon Heard, Utilities Director, front center; Jimmy Andrews, Superintendent of the Water Pollution Control Division, front left; and Tim Day, superintendent of the Water Distribution & Collection Division, front right.

On Monday, May 4, City of Cumming Department of Utilities employees were recognized as part of the recently established “Water Professionals Appreciation Day.”

Mayor H. Ford read and signed a resolution acknowledging the day, which was recently created by the Georgia General Assembly, during the regular monthly City Council meeting on April 21.

The City of Cumming Utilities Department employs some 55 people throughout five different divisions: Billing and Customer Service; Water Production; Distribution and Collection; Engineering and Storm Water; and Water Pollution Control. Through the professionalism of these employees, the City of Cumming each day produces an average of 13 million gallons of drinking water during cooler weather months and around 17 million per day during summer months. The department serves residents of the city, as well as other portions of Forsyth County.

The Water Pollution Control Division is responsible for treating more than 2 million gallons of wastewater each day at the city’s multi-million-dollar Advanced Water Reclamation Facility off Bethelview Road. Employees in this division received additional recognition from the mayor and council in April as they were honored with a recent 17-year Platinum Award from the Georgia Association of Water Professionals.

Jon Heard, Utilities Director, explained that the Platinum Award means the facility has remained in continual compliance for the past 17 years with federal rules and regulations regarding the city’s NPDES discharge permit. NPDES stands for: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. This system was first established several decades ago by the federal government to insure the safety of wastewater after it is treated and released back into bodies of water.

Through ongoing lab testing, employees at the Cumming Water Reclamation Facility ensure that wastewater, which is released back into local streams after treatment, is safe and in compliance with all federal and state environmental regulations.

“I would like to congratulate Jimmy Andrews, our superintendent of Water Pollution Control, and all of his employees on this accomplishment,” Heard said. “They all work very hard and this 17-year Platinum Award is just a confirmation of all they do every day.

Linda Lea, lab manager at the Cumming Wastewater Treatment Facility, performs a water quality test.

“I was also very grateful to the mayor and council for recognizing all of our employees through the Water Professionals Appreciation Day resolution. Everyone in our department works hard to provide vital services which many people never even think about, but that are essential to our entire society.”

For more information about the City of Cumming Department of Utilities and all its programs, go to www.cummingutilities.com.

Employees of the Cumming Wastewater Treatment Facility recently celebrated receiving a 17-year Platinum Award for excellence.