Inside City Hall

City Hall, completed in 2002, has become the new face of downtown Cumming. The architectural design is based the general style and features of an earlier courthouse which burned in the 1970’s, with parapets, archways, red brick with white cast stone and clock tower.

City Hall houses the Office of the Mayor, Council Chambers, City Administration, Office of the City Clerk, Department of Utilities, Planning and Zoning, Human Resources and the Administrative Offices of the Cumming Playhouse.

The Municipal Montage located in the rotunda of the building displays photographs of city business owners over the past 100 years. Photographs of past and present elected officials, former police chiefs and municipal court judges are also on display. Visitors can also view replicas of Confederate Battle Flags, photographs of CSA veterans and other memorabilia of that era. A bronze statue of Hiram Parks Bell, Statesman and Attorney at Law, CSA Officer stands on the front lawn.

Graced by a Verdin Clock Tower and Carillon, the town enjoys chimes on the hour and half-hour and Christmas Carols in Season.