Submit Plans

To obtain a Building Permit with the City of Cumming, plans must first be submitted for review and approval. Plan submittal must be attached to plans.

As of the first of the year 2013 the City of Cumming contracted with E-PLAN SOLUTION to have all plans (civil and architectural) submitted electronically. Please contact E-PLAN SOLUTION at and register. You will be given a user name and password at which time plans can then be uploaded to the site. A RSS feed will be sent to the City, Fire Marshal, Utilities and NRCS. The plans will be reviewed by all interested parties and comments made through this website. Once approved a single hardcopy must be routed to the entities above for stamping so a field copy with approval stamps can be maintained for review during inspection.

Please note E-PLAN SOLUTION will charge a fee for uploading and you will still owe review fees for the city, fire marshal etc.

The cost for submittal should ultimately be less as multiple copies of plans need not be printed to be routed to all the interested parties. This will also conserve space now used for storage of plans and conserve on paper usage.

Site Plan Submittal Fee: $50.00

Building Plan Submittal Fee: $50.00

Sign Plan Submittal: $50.00

Revisions and Re-submittals: $50.00

Once the Plans have been approved, the Chief Building Official will contact the applicant to issue a Building Permit. All plans submitted shall bear the seal of a Georgia registered Architect or Structural Engineer. All drawings shall be drawn to scale and show all dimensions with North arrow. A complete set of plans on new construction, remodeling, and tenant finish shall contain the following drawings:

  • Structural, Architectural, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC.
  • Building sprinklers should be shown on building plans.
  • Landscaping and Parking should be shown on site plan.
  • Site plan should show soil and erosion plans.
  • For Parking Size and Number of Spaces. (See City of Cumming Development Regulations Manual available at Planning and Zoning Office ).

Projects larger than 1 1/10 acre or within 200 feet of state water must be submitted to Upper Chattoochee River Soil and Water Conservation District Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Review Board for approval.

  • Commercial project MUST submit a minimum of five sets of site plans and a minimum of three sets of building plans.
  • Restaurants MUST submit a minimum of five sets of building plans.
  • In addition commercial projects MUST submit three sets of site and building plans to the Forsyth County Fire Marshall and be approved by that department.
  • The Fire Marshall’s office can be reached at 770-781-2180.
  • Restaurants MUST submit plans to the Forsyth County Health Department and be approved by that department. The Health Departments number is 770-781-6900.
  • Disapproved drawings will be returned and shall be corrected by the designer and all corrections shall bear his/her seal. All corrections shall be clouded on new plans.
  • Once plans are approved applicant may then apply for Commercial Building Permit or Residential building Permit.

Planning & Zoning Contacts

Department Director

Scott Morgan
Phone: 770-781-2024
Fax: 770-781-2029

Administrative Assistant

Barbara Rockmore
Phone: 770-781-2024
Fax: 770-781-2029

Chief Building Official

Everett Thompson
Phone: 770-781-2024
Fax: 770-781-2029

Electrical Inspector

Stanley Pirkle
Phone: 770-781-2024
Fax: 770-781-2029