Cumming Utilities Needs Help

Cumming Utilities is asking the public to help in collecting water samples from homes built between 1982 and 1988 in order to comply with new federal requirements. Homeowners of houses built during this time period are asked to take part in the voluntary testing, in which Cumming Utilities will provide  sample bottles for collection of cold-water samples after the water has been standing in the home plumbing for at least 6 hours. This may be done first thing in the morning or immediately after returning home from work before any water is used at the home. These samples will initially be taken once every 6 months and less frequently thereafter.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed regulations which require all water systems in the U.S. to sample certain homes for the presence of lead and copper. These samples can only be taken from homes built after 1982 and before June of 1988. The EPA targeted these homes because lead solder used in the joints of copper pipes may have the tendency to leach lead into the water. This leaching problem normally occurs in water standing in pipes for more than 6 hours or in water systems that do not provide for corrosion control. The City of Cumming Water System began corrosion control in their systems in 1988.

Please click here for complete information about the testing process, including the participation form if you would like to volunteer to take part.